Popular DApps for everyday use

Decentralized applications or DApps have started gaining popularity in almost all areas. They are not just limited to DeFI, it’s in almost all the areas be it Entertainment, Social Networks, Marketplaces, DApps are slowly stepping in everywhere & spreading like fire, and it’s not gonna stop 🙂

Every day new DApps & Smart Contracts are releasing, and the platforms are becoming mature day by day, is all because of the growing developer community, launch of things like UniSwap v3, Ethereum 2.0.

In this article, we have curated the list of all popular DApps which can be utilized every day, some of them even give incentives in terms of their native cryptos.

Music Apps

  • Bitsong – One of the oldest app for music streaming, built for Artist, Listeners & Advertisers.
  • Audius – Audius is one of the popular DApp, which allows you to stream music just like Spotify & Soundcloud.
  • MusicLife – MusicLife is a complete music ecosystem to reducing music privacy, they do have their streaming music app called Echo.
  • EMusic – It’s a music distribution platform that allows you to stream music and ensure that artists are fairly paid.
  • Catalog – If you listen to Authentic artists, this is the right place to be. You will find a lot of hidden & underground artists here.

Video Platforms

  • Dtube – World’s first decentralized crypto-based video platform similar to Youtube, can be used for viewing video content & it is Ad-free.
  • Odysee – A Video platform similar to YouTube, built by LBRY which is a complete ecosystem for the digital contents of videos, ebooks, music, article etc.
  • Dlive – Blockchain-based decentralized live streaming platform which provides their own coins LINO, which can be traded outside this service as well.
  • LivePeer – represents an open-source video infrastructure service using which you can design your own Decentralised Video Platform.
  • Verasity – Video Infrastructure service, that allows you to integrate SDK, HTML5 player that can power your website with decentralized videos.
  • Theta – decentralized next-gen video delivery service.

Social Networks

  • Minds – You can post videos, blogs, images just like Facebook, Twitter. You can also monetize your content and can earn decent crypto money using Minds+.
  • KARMA – Karma is just like Instagram that lets you post content but you can earn coins based on likes & reach of the content, which can be later used to increase the reach of your content or can be converted to real money.
  • Sense Chat – Chatting application that allows you to safely chat without being tracked, has an inbuilt wallet where you can safely share or store cryptocurrencies.


  • Gitcoin – Contribute to exciting open source projects & earn in DAI – which will be equivalent to USD.
  • Radicle – Peer to Peer Code sharing & Collaboration platform
  • TokenTax – This allows you to calculate taxes on crypto
  • TravelFeed – TravelFeed is a community platform for travellers, where you can start your blog & monetize it.
  • EthFiddle – Another wonderful fiddle just for Ethereans.
  • OpenLaw – Easily create Smart legal Agreements
  • CanWork – Decentralized freelance marketplace, where you can work with freelancers across the globe & can be paid in cryptocurrencies.
  • Paytomat – Paytimat allows merchants or local vendor to received payments in cryptocurrencies without any extra fees.


  • Everipedia – Decentralized Encylopedia, and is the first and largest decentralized encyclopedia database.
  • BitDegree – BitDegree is a blockchain-powered education platform.
  • Numer.ai – Earn cryptocurrency by participating in data science tournaments.

Infrastructure as a service

  • EPNS – Ethereum Push Notification Service that allows you to send Push Notifications to DApps & Smart Contracts.
  • Gelato Network – Protocol that helps you in automating the execution of Smart Contracts on Ethereum.
  • StorJ – Decentralised object storage service just like AWS S3.
  • Skynet – Skynet is a content & hosting platform, which allows you to host static assets or website as well in a decentralised manner.
  • Aleph – Allows your DApp to securely access off-chain transactions with few lines of code.


  • LoanScan – Dashboard to display the current rates to borrow or lend Crypto.
  • Etherscan – Decentralised analytics platform for monitoring the main Ethereum blockchain network, like the transaction details, Contracts, total blocks etc.
  • DefiScan – A read-only Defi profile explorer for Compound, Uniswap, and SpankChain.
  • Eth Gas Station – Gives you complete metrics about the Ethereum Gas Market.


  • Actifit – Actifit is a fitness tracker that incentivizes users with AFIT tokens for being active, daily activity tracking such as step counter, it also allows you to do Yield Farming if you are token holder on Hive and/or Steem.

Hope you will use some of the apps from this list, and you will understand the way DApps are growing rapidly. Feel free to add more such apps in the comments.